Design talk - Arcanium Logo creation process

It took our concept artists a lot of time, patience, and research to come up with the final Arcanium logo. The process took over a month of iterations, sketching, modeling, lightning and texturing, before arriving to the final "Sword and board" logo. We wanted to share with you the step-by-step process and hopefully shed a light on the process of creation.

It all started by exploring the main lettering. We wanted the Arcanium logo to be able to stand on its own, and to feel tall, epic and bold. We explored many avenues like middle-eastern themes, free-handed, curved, flat, serif, sans-serif, constant thickness, etc

We ended up choosing a even-thick logo, curved to represent a crown or a crescent. The two middle letters "A" and "N" join at the top, to form what appears to look like a Gothic-style arc, or a gate. The result is an monolithic shape that evokes royalty, power and that resembles a structure seen from the side.

The next step was to encase the lettering into a strong support that could tell our story. The story of a World that revolves around fighting in arenas and where the strong prevails. We used CG renders as well as color sketches in order to narrow down the final shape. Here are some selected early concepts:

We finally agreed on the "swords and shield" concept shortly after, and started refining the shape more and more:

Here is a refining pass including a color research:

And here is the final logo:

As always, thank you for supporting Arcanium ! We love all of you!


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